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About us


Location Gervais has been a leader in Quebec’s event rental equipment industry since 1919.  Our extensive selection of inventory spans over 50,000 square feet of warehouse space between our Montreal and Quebec City locations. Whether the order is for an intimate event, a large gala or the preference is for traditional or modern, we have an extensive collection of products including dishes, cutlery, stemware, kitchen accessories, tables, tablecloths, napkins, chairs and furniture as well as other unique items such as a sushi conveyer belt, double cascading chocolate fountains, a Mongolian grill, and an ice cream station. We strive to surpass our client’s expectations while providing an exceptional service at competitive prices.

The name Location 4 All Events is exclusive to our Montreal market.


Variety, quantity, and quality!

Location Gervais and Location 4 All Events’ mission is to offer an impeccable, and personalized service that is competitively priced for all of our rental items.


We offer a comprehensive selection of Kosher event rental equipment (MK Certified, with a Kosher seal) at our Montreal Location.



We service the Montreal and Quebec City regions. We also arrange for deliveries outside of these regions. 

We offer a 24 hour help line to our clients, 365 days/year:

Montreal: 514-273-3677

Quebec City: 418-659-2520



Appointments can be scheduled with one of our Sales Representatives during our regular hours or at another time to suit your convenience.

Montreal: Monday to Friday between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm.

Quebec City: Monday to Friday between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm.



We take pride in delivering orders on time. Delivery fees are calculated based upon the location of the delivery.  Our regular delivery hours are Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm and Saturdays between 8:00 am and 12:00 pm. Deliveries outside our regular hours may be arranged for a supplemental charge.


The lessee declares the he examined the equipment and accessories rented and that he found them in perfect order and in good condition.

The masculine gender is used throughout this rental contract solely in order to simplify the text.

1. The present lease is for the period stated on the reverse side hereof and ends with the expiration of the period.

2. The lessee binds himself not to remove the equipment and accessories rented from the premises indicated on the reverse side hereof to any other places without the written consent of the lessor.

3. The lessee binds himself to pay the rental stipulates at the beginning of each rental period in advance.

4. The lessee binds himself to take all possible care of the equipment and accessories rented and assumes full responsibility for their loss whether by fire, theft or otherwise and undertakes to pay the costs of their replacement or their actual value should it not be possible to replace them. He also binds himself to pay for the damages caused to the equipment and accessories while in his possession.

5. The lessor shall not be held responsible at any time for any damages of any kind to the property or to the individuals where the equipment is used by the lessee.  The lessee takes charge of all responsibilities attached to it.

6. The lessee binds himself to report to the lessor by registered mail any loss of the equipment or accessories rented immediately after such loss occurred indicating all circumstances under which the loss occurred and also to notify without any delay the local police thereof.

7. The lessee binds himself to return the rented equipment and accessories after the expiration of the rental period to the lessor’s place of business and to return them to the lessor in the same perfect order and the good operating condition in which they were at the time of taking possession of them with the exception of ordinary wear and tear.

8. The lessee shall for all purposes be deemed to use the equipment and accessories rented from the day of taking possession of them until their return as above mentioned.

9. Violation on the part of the lessee of any of the above mentioned conditions shall automatically and without the necessity of any notice or court proceedings cancel the lease for all purposes of law and shall entitle the lessor to take possession of and to remove the equipment and accessories rented without the necessity of having recourse to court proceedings.  The taking possession of  and removing the equipment and accessories by the lessor shall not in any way prejudice its right to claim from the lessee rental amounts due and such damages as it may have suffered  or may suffer in future by reason of the lessee not complying with the above mentioned conditions.

10. In case of theft or destruction of the equipment and/or accessories the lessee binds himself to pay rentals up to the date of receipt by the lessor of a notice in writing as afore-mentioned.

11. Should the lessor find it necessary to employ the services of an attorney in order to enforce any of the obligations on the part of the lessee, then the lessee shall be bound to pay an amount equal to 15% of the amount claimed or of the value of the equipment and accessories taken back or revendicated to cover extra judicial fees in addition to taxable costs.  The lessee also binds himself to pay the costs of all investigations should the lessor deem such necessary owing to lack of co-operation on the part of the lessee.

12.  1½% monthly (18% per annum) interest will be charged on overdue accounts.


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